Application form for guided tours at Shomyoji Temple precincts

●Guided tours for a group of over 19 people(on Saturdays and Sundays )
●Guided tours on weekdays

1000yen per a group will be charged on the tour day as communication fee. One volunteer guide will guide a group of about ten people. We ask a favor of you to make a reservation in advance at least a week before the tour day through the application form below. We will welcome you at the Nio-mon Gate of Shomyoji Temple on the tour day at the meeting time. Please look for a guide wearing a blue cap.

※Shomyoji Temple has two temple gates. The first one is the Red Gate.
 The Nio-mon Gate(with two enormous Nio statues inside)is the deeper one.

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 Meeting Place Front of Nio-mon Gate at Shomyoji Temple
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